I ventured out to High Park in hopes of seeing the cherry blossoms in full bloom. It seems mother nature did a real job on the trees this winter. The extra cold temperatures mean there are fewer blossoms, instead the trees are developing leaves. That must be survival mode.

The park was full of people enjoying the warmest day yet. We are craving sun, heat and the rebirth that comes with spring. Rather than stay with the crowds I took a path less travelled to explore the marshland along the pond.

Mama swan let me get very closeShe showed me her eggs

Before long I came upon a swans nest with mama sitting proudly upon her eggs. She let me get quite close and I stayed very still and quiet. I guess she decided I was no threat because she stood up and showed me her eggs! There were three very large greyish, blue/green eggs in the bottom of the nest.

She left her eggs to work on the nest

I thought she would sit back down but no, it was time for housework. She started foraging for choice reeds to pull into the nest. As she worked she gradually slid out of the nest entirely and swam freely in the water. It was really remarkable to see her select a perfect reed, yank it out and place it in the nest.

As she worked the daddy swan glided over. Before long he was hard at work by her side. I have to confess that I was a little worried that he might not like me being so close to the nest but I might as well have been wearing the cloak of invisibility. He took absolutely no notice of me!

Daddy swan returnsConstruction work for two

And then it was mom’s turn for a break while dad did some household chores and watched the kids (to be).

It's dads turn to stay homeOff goes mama for some R&R

I get so much inspiration from nature.